Do I have to send a deposit and when?
A deposit is no longer required. However, we will ask you for your credit card information as security. 

How do I send my deposit?
You can send your deposit by reserving your inflatable on our website (only for self pickup), or send an e-transfer to info@minijeuxgonflableschartrand.com (you must have a confirmation that your inflatable is available before you do so), or bring it in person. For public events only -- you can send a cheque by mail.

What is my deposit for?
At first, your deposit will be used to reserve your inflatable and date. Afterwards, during your rental, it will be used as a guarantee that the inflatable will be returned to us clean, damage free and with all pieces that we lent you. If pieces are missing or the inflatable comes back full of grass, sand or dirty, we will keep the full amout or part of the deposit to replace what is missing or to pay the extra hours an employee will need to clean your inflatable. We expect the inflatable to come back in the same condition we have rented it to you. The day of your your rental, you will owe the full amount of the rental.

What happens to my deposit if on the day of my rental it rains?
If more than 10 mm of rain is expected on the day of your party, you can decide to reschedule your reservation to another date. Your deposit will be held for up to 1 year after the original rental date. The deposit is non-refundable. * You can only cancel 24 hours before pickup or delivery of your inflatable as temprature is constantly changing. 
 Deposits on waterslide are non-transferable during the months of June to September inclusively. 

If I need to cancel for personal reasons, what will happen to my deposit?
  • In the case of a cancellation due to personal reasons such as sickness, injury, change of plans....New as of July 1st 2022- 50% of your deposit will be reimburse if you cancelled at least 14 days before your rental date. After that date, your deposit will be used to cover admin fees, management and equipment preparation costs.
Please note that once you have picked up the inflatable, we will not reimburse your rental cost (even if you have not used the inflatable). 

What is a private party?
A private party is when you have a small party in your residential backyard. Guests can only come by invitation.

What is a public event?
A public event is any event in a public place and open to all such as schools, public daycares, festivals, church celebrations. Even if your invitation is limited to a certain number of people, if it's in a public place it's considered public. In this case, we must provide you with a TSSA permit so that your party can take place with our inflatables. Public rental prices are also more expensive than private ones since it is mandatory to have these permits in Ontario which are very expensive. The use of the inflatables is also not the same as at a small private party.

Do you have insurance?
We have $5 million insurance that covers US. But when you rent an inflatable you are responsible! When booking, all the regulations of the inflatable is question are provided to you so that your party takes place safely. All the necessary material will also be provided to you. A rental agreement must be signed with each rental stating that you are fully responsible for any injuries to participants or damage to the inflatable due to your negligence during installation or during supervision. An inflatable should always be supervised to minimize the chances of accidents.