• Delivery fee

    Delivery fee

    Alexandria 60$
    Alfred 40 $
    Apple Hill 55$
    Avonmore 70$
    Bourget 40$
    Casselman 50$
    Cheney 50$
    Chute-à-blondeau 80$
    Clarence-Creek 55$
    Crysler 70$
    Cumberland 70$
    Curran 25$
    Dunvagan 40$
    Edwards 80$
    Embrun 75$
    Finch 80$
    Fournier 25$
    Hammond 60$
    Hawkesbury 65$
    Landcaster - North 80$
    Landcaster - South 85$
    Lefaivre 50$
    Lemieux 35$
    Limoges 65$
    L'Orignal 60$
    Martintown 65$
    Maxville 40$
    Moose Creek 50$
    Morewood 85$
    Navan 70$
    Orléans 85$
    Pendleton 30$
    Plantagenet 30$
    Riceville 25$
    Rockland 60$
    Russell 85$
    St-Albert 60$
    St-Andrews 75$
    Ste-Anne-de-Prescott 70$
    St-Bernadin 30$
    St-Eugène 70$
    St-Isidore 30$
    St-Pascal-Baylon 45$
    Vankleek Hill 50$
    Vars 65$
    Wendover 40$

    Don't see your village? Maybe we simply forgot to add it. Please contact us to know the delivery fee of your village.

    During the months of May to October our delivery limit will be of a radius of 60km from our location.
    For private parties, we no longer deliver in the province of Québec but you are more than welcome to pickup your inflatable at our location!

  • What is included with the delivery?

    Delivery fee includes:

    • Delivery of the inflatable at your house
    • Bringing the inflatable at the location desired on your property
    • Tear down (we will roll the inflatable for you at the end of your rental)
    • Return of the inflatable at our location.
    Does not include:
    • Installation of the inflatable (each inflatable has its own price depending on the size)
    * You can decide to install it yourself and save the installation fee.

    Please take note that no inflatable will be delivered on rainy days. You can postpone your rental for up to 1 years from the original date. *Except for water slide that will be delivered from June to Mid-September.

  • Delivery times

    6 hour bloc

    • Delivery will be done a minimum of 45 minutes before the beginning of your 6 hour bloc.
    • We will pickup the inflatable 15 minutes or more after the end of your bloc. This will give you enough time to make sure the inflatable is clean before our arrival.
    • The precise delivery time and pickup time will be sent by e-mail 1 to 2 days before your reservation.
    Choices of 6 hour bloc
    • 9am - 3pm
    • 10am - 4pm
    • 11am - 5pm
    • 12pm - 6pm
    • 1pm - 7pm
    Your party goes into the night to early morning? Rent it for 2 days!

    Two day reservation
    • In the case of a 2-day rental, the inflatable will be delivered either on Friday or Saturday morning.
    • The return of the inflatable will take place before 5:00pm on the second day. * If there is a problem, simply let us know.
    Someone must be present to greet us on our arrival on delivery day.

  • Save!

    Want to save on your rental?
    Come and pick it up yourself at our location!


    • Pickup your inflable as soon as Friday afternoon! (Certain changes may occur during the month of June)
    • Return your inflatable only on Sunday evening (9pm being the latest)
    • Pay the same price as a 6h bloc but keep it for 2 days and a half!
    • No delivery fee

  • Long weekend delivery

    If you want a delivery during a long weekend, the cost will be equal to a 2-day rental.

    Deliveries will be done on the Friday or Saturday morning (our choice) and pickups will start on Monday at noon.