This is a jumper with a ball pit. This inflatable is perfect for rainy days since it can be installed indoors. FITS IN THE HOUSE OR MOST BASEMENTS. Balls are included.

Recommended age: 1 to 7 years old
Recommended number of person: 5
Max weight per person: 80 pounds
Max total weight: 400 pounds
Dimensions of inflatable open: 14'4" x 8'2" x 7'0"H
Dimensions of inflatable closed: Cylinder of 30" D x 36" L
Electrical requirement: 1 x 15 amp
Tear down video: Click here. This video will make it easier for you!

Rental price for private party:

  • Pickup at our location: $90 (2-day rental)
Rental price for corporate event:
  • Pickup at our location: $110 (2 day rental)
A receipt will be given with all corporate rentals.

Vehicle for transportation
  • SUV (seats down)
  • Van (seats down)
  • Pickup truck

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About the vitual calendar

  • It will allow you to see the inflatables availability.
  • You can make a reservation directly on our website using our availability calendar. For pickups at our location only!
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  • Pickups are done Monday or Friday in the afternoon or evening. The choice of pickup times will be sent by email.
  • Returns are always in the late afternoon or evening on the last day of rental. Both options will be offered to you.
  • To reserve a Thursday, please contact us.
  • If one of the 3 days are not available in the calendar, you will not be able to take advantage of the full 3-day pickup deal!
  • Want a delivery? To reserve please send us an e-mail or call us. Do not use the calendar.